THE TOOLS - Exhibition in tête (Berlin) - 22-30/11/2014

With Astali/Peirce, Manon Bellet, Jean-Baptiste Bouvet, Bettina Bruder, Anna Chkolnikova, Guillaume Constantin, Robert Demol, Agathe Fleury, Satch Hoyt, Hervé Humbert, Camille Laurelli, Maximage, Pierre-Etienne Morelle, Benjamin Lee Martin, Bertrand Planes, Arnaud Rivière, Macarena Ruiz-Tagle, Daniel Seiple, Jaro Straub, Reijiro Wada.

Organisation & display : Julien Villaret
Catalog pictures : Ludovic Jecker
Catalog layout & print : Goofypress

The exhibition The Tools explores the mechanisms of artistic production with a presentation of objects and devices created specially by artists to make their own work.

These tools, which include machines, instruments, accessories, materials and technical processes are quintessential in the development of the artworks, but are generally documented aside from actual exhibitions, if at all. Rather they appear in workshops, as sketches in notebooks or sometimes only in the minds of the artists who created them.

 By focusing on the artistic means rather than the artistic results, The Tools constructs a portrait of creative activity in which inventiveness, know-how and cunning are entailed in the words of philosopher Michel de Certeau : « a way of thinking invested in a way of acting, an art of combination which cannot be dissociated from an art of using »*.

 * Michel de Certeau, « The practice of everyday life »

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