Printed objects, images or documents can get old, like any living corpse.

After a few months exposed in the sun, their color and brightness might fade and make them look bleached and tired like an old man. It’s a well-known phenomena in the graphic industry who has elaborated a wide range of laboratory tests to measure the resistance of the printing inks.

Minimal Zenith is a proposition to play with this statement, by placing printed documents in a sculptural environment that will artificially accelerate the ageing process. In this installation we’ll meet stainless modules with geometric forms, reflected food packagings, samples of different rasters, old pop-singers, DDR relics, a lot of light and a mysterious grey scale poster silk-printed on paper. More than a young vibrant color image, it is the one who leads in this dance.

Minimal Zenith: 3 stainless modules + a lamp, printed documents exposed in the light, silk-screened poster (21 ex.)
Exhibited during Tootem#2, an exhibition curated by Société Sauvage in les Instants Chavirés, Montreuil (Fr), 2014

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