Designed as a staging area for books, 
Ideal Reading invites visitors to browse, read and copy books, documents and other printed matter from the personal collection of a dozen artists, graphic designers and print-workers established in Berlin.

From Paris to Berlin, the booksellers box, originally installed by the Seine, has represented for centuries a romantic and vagabond approach to books and is the starting point for this exhibition. In Berlin the boxes become a generic pattern ready to generate new forms. A bit further, a library, a workspace, and a copymachine. The stage is set, the show can begin...

Ideal Reading, an exhibition and a temporary copyshop took place in tête, berlin from the 02nd till the 10th November 2013 with Claude Cadi, Miki Kadokura, Sébastien Gindre, Andrea Rinaldi, Julie Sorel, Benji Martin, Steef van Lent, Julien Villaret, Bouquiniste la Vagabonde, Palefroiand Goofypress. It inaugurated the first phase of an event which will take part in the world of booksellers in Paris at the spring 2014

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